Did you know ?

  • Caravans and motorhomes should be serviced once a year
  • Tyres should be changed every 5 years, even if not worn, as the rubber may perish.  It is advisable to put your caravan on axle stands over the winter months while the caravan is not in use (check date on tyre)
  • Hubnuts should be changed with every service; the engineer will give you the hubnuts back to you to prove this has been done (where applicable)
  • There are two types of LPG Gas: - The gases are effected by outside temperatures, Butune (blue cylinder) can be used during the warmer months, whereas Propane (orange/red cylinder) can be used all year round as temperatures do not reach -42 degrees Celsius in the UK.
  • The gas pipe from the cylinder lasts for approximately 5 years from manufacture date, this should be checked regularly for cracks etc. (check date on pipe)
  • The most effective fire extinguisher to use with LPG gas is dry powder.
  • European rules state that you should use a breakdown triangle, reflective bib and spare bulbs whilst driving/towing abroad, remember your GB stickers and wing  mirror extensions!  It is advisable to get european breakdown cover.




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